The Power

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


The Power is a vinyasa style class that emphasizes strength and breath. This class is designed to challenge all levels and push yogis to their edge. Join us in growth and exploration. 

The Flow

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday


The Flow is a vinyasa style class that explores classic asana in connection with breath. This all-level class will deepen your practice and allow you to explore within each pose. 

The Stretch

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

The Stretch is a restorative class that takes a moment to stop and calm the mind in conjunction with the body. You will move a little more slowly and enjoy the rejuvenation your mind and body both crave. 

The Deep

Sunday Evening

The Deep is a Yin style class. This will consist of just a few asanas held for longer periods of time. This is not only a wonderful physical stretch, but much needed training for your mind. 


Wednesday Mornings


Hatha styled classes move through several poses placing special focus on alignment and strength while maintaining breath.